Shipping Asistance

We understand that you are not familiar with how freight delivery works? It’s a bit more complex than standard shipping. We will walk you throughout the process on what you need to know before, during and after you place an order with us to have a smooth experience and focus on the important things, enjoy your grilling!!.


Before the Delivery

  • When placing your order with us, please provide the best and easiest number you can be reached at. The freight company will call that number to schedule your delivery window, which can last anywhere from 4 to 8 hours.

  • Once the freight carrier’s call, discuss a delivery site and window that works for you and all other details about the delivery that will make it successfull. You must be physically present for freight deliveries, so keep that in mind when you schedule the day and time for the delivery to occur.

  • Once the delivery date and time window are set, write it down and keep it in your agenda, set up alarms so you don’t forget.

  • Please, have someone to be present on delivery day to help you move your order to its desired location (we recommend having 2 helpers on hand). Though the freight company will provide complimentary liftgate and curbside delivery services, the driver isn’t responsible for moving the shipment into your home or backyard.

Day of Delivery

  • Be present at the designated delivery site during the entire scheduled drop-off time window.

  • Make sure your helpers are either present throughout the delivery window or are on standby to assist you with moving the packages from the curb to your backyard or home.

During the Delivery

  • After releasing your shipment at the curb, the freight driver will hand you the packing slip, which is simply a delivery receipt. Take photo of the carrier’s license plate. Make sure you have carrier employee number and complete name.

  • Carefully review the packing slip to make sure your order is complete. Be aware that it’s common for larger orders to be split into 2 or more pallets, and smaller items (like grill covers, sear burners, and accessories) may be packaged inside larger boxes (usually those that contain a grill or outdoor kitchen drawers). Note any missing items on the packing slip.

  • Carefully inspect the pallet, shrink wrap, and boxes themselves for signs of damage. We ask that you refuse a shipment only if multiple items are damaged, but in the event you notice any tears or dents, take photos of the damaged boxes and call us immediately at (669) 287 1511.

  • After you’ve noted any damages and/or missing items on the packing slip, sign for the shipment (assuming it’s in perfect condition or only 1 item is damaged) and let the driver go on their way.

After the Delivery

  • Remove the shrink wrap from the pallet and grab the packing list included with the packages.

  • Verify each box’s model number — which will be printed either on the box or on a sticker attached to the box — against the packing list. Make note of any discrepancies, keeping in mind that certain items may be packed inside of other components.

  • With a hand from your helpers, move the boxes from the curb to their intended location.

  • Even if you don’t intend on immediately installing or using your product, it’s important that you open the boxes and inspect each product. Check carefully for physical damage, including on moving parts and legs of any of the itmes shipped.

  • If you spot physical damage to the items, take photos and call us immediately at (669) 287 1511. You must report any issues with your order within 5 days of accepting delivery.

  • If everything is in perfect condition (as it should be), then go ahead and start enjoying your purchase!

Enjoy your purchase!


Common Questions about Freight Delivery


How do I know if my shipment is being delivered by freight?

The delivery method is included in your tracking email, so keep an eye out for that after you place your order.

When will the freight carrier call me to schedule delivery?

Once your order reaches the freight’s company’s facility, a representative from that carrier will call you to schedule your delivery window. That’s why it’s crucial for you to enter the best phone number to reach you at when you place your order with us — that’s the number the freight company will call, and you don’t want the delivery process slowed because the carrier can’t reach you. After settling on a delivery window (which can span anywhere from 4 to 8 hours), write it in your calendar so you don’t forget, and plan to be present during that time period.

Do I need to be home to accept the delivery?

Yes, you must be physically present at the delivery site to receive your shipment. The freight driver will give you a receipt, which you must sign to confirm the delivery (unless you refuse the shipment based on damage to the packages — more on that below).

Will the driver help me move the pallet to my backyard?

No, all freight drivers are instructed to perform curbside delivery only. Their semi trucks are outfitted with liftgates to unload the items, but you’re ultimately responsible for moving the shipment up your driveway and into your home or backyard. For that reason, we recommend having at least 2 helpers nearby to assist you when your delivery arrives. You’ll be glad for the help; remember, items ship via freight only when they’re too heavy or unwieldy for a standard courier service to transport.

What do I need to do when my shipment arrives?

  1. Review the delivery receipt provided by your driver, and verify that the pallet number on the receipt matches the sticker number on your shipment’s packaging. You may also check to see if the carton count on the pallet lines up with what’s listed on the packing slip, but be aware that smaller items are sometimes shipped inside larger items, making your order seem incomplete at first glance. We ask that you fully unpack every item before calling about missing components. Take photo of the carrier’s license plate. Make sure you have carrier employee number and complete name.

  2. While you’re inspecting the pallet and packaging, take time to look for any tears or dents. Did you spot any visible damage? Make note of it on the receipt. Always take photos.

  3. After performing a thorough check of your shipment, you have 2 options: sign the receipt and accept the delivery, or refuse the shipment because of excess damage. Please refuse the delivery only if multiple items are damaged, but still be sure to promptly call us in the event of any damage.

  4. Accept your copy of the receipt from the driver, who’ll then head off to their next delivery. Reminder: freight carriers drop off shipments at the curb and are not responsible for helping you move pallets into your home or backyard.

What happens after the driver leaves?


  1. Carefully remove the shrink wrap from your packages and grab the packing list included inside.

  2. Verify every carton’s model number against the packing list to ensure your order is complete. The model numbers will be printed either on the box itself or on a sticker attached to the box. (Again, certain items may be packed inside other components, so fully unpack every item before calling us.) Don’t forget to make a note of any discrepancies.

  3. You and your helpers will move the shipment to its desired location.

  4. Open the boxes and carefully examine each item for physical damage. Check everything: hinges, knobs, arms, legs, feet, moving parts, etc.

  5. If there are any issues regarding damages or missing items, call us as soon as you can. You must report problems within 5 days of accepting delivery, but we want to make sure you’re taken care of immediately.

What should I do if my shipment is damaged?


If there’s visible damage on the shipment itself, such as a tear in the shrink wrap, make note of it one the bill of lading (receipt) before giving us a call. You may refuse the shipment if you find multiple damaged items, but we’ll help you make that decision while on the phone. Be sure to unpack and inspect every item for physical damage, too. As was the case with damage to the packaging and shrink wrap, call us if you spot any scratches or dents on the items themselves.


What should I do if my shipment is incomplete?


If a component is missing once you’ve checked inside all the boxes and inspected every product, then you should contact GuyGearLab customer service at (669) 287 1511. It’s important that you unpack everything before calling us — it’s fairly common for small items to be shipped inside of larger items, which can make your order seem incomplete at first. For instance, a grill cover might be packed inside a grill cart or a set of outdoor kitchen drawers. In the event your order is especially large, it might even be divided into 2 or more pallets that’ll arrive at different times.

How long do I have to notify GuyGearLab about an issue with my shipment?


You must report any damages or other issues with your order within 5 days of accepting the delivery.

What happens if the carrier misses the scheduled delivery window?


We understand how frustrating it can be to schedule time off work and round up a few buddies to help, only for the delivery window to pass without your shipment arriving. Should that occur, we’ll immediately notify the freight company about the missed appointment and help you reschedule a delivery time. We may also explore alternate solutions like a terminal pickup, but we’ll always arrange whatever works best for you.

Are there places freight companies won’t deliver to?


Freight carriers usually make deliveries in semi trucks, which are unable to navigate dead-end streets and cul-de-sacs. If your residence is in such a location, please let us know at the time of your order and we’ll work with you to find a solution. We may arrange a terminal pickup, allow for a change of address, hire movers to assist with delivery, or find a carrier with a truck small enough to reach your residence.

Have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to call us at (669) 287 1511 Our outstanding outdoor living professionals are standing by to take your call on the specifics of your delivery.


Enjoy your purchase!