Our Story

guygearlab   /ɡī/gir/lab/

Transitive verb

  1. prepare, adjust, or equip guys for a particular purpose or need
  1. to make guys ready for effective operation

Ok, so we do not really have an entry in any known dictionary, not yet at least. But if we did this is what it would be; these are our defining objectives.

Put into simple terms by simple guys: 

We are here to make it easier for you to do you and be the guy you want to and can be.

This is our objective, our reason for being.

We hope that you will find our GUYGEARLAB tested and approved gear coupled with excellent customer service to be a valuable and reliable resource for helping you to meet your objectives.


The Entire GUYGEARLAB Rat Crew


5706 Cahalan Avenue #23583

San Jose, CA 95123